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School Building History

Initially 17 rooms were constructed at the new site (present) in 1989 - 1990 on 6.7 acres of land at the cost of 5 lac received from the University of Kalyani as seed money and 2-3 lac raised as donation. Kalyani Municipality provided the sewer and water connection free of cost. From this apart the Municipality gave timber for doors and windows. A team of Govt. engineers led by Sri Sunil Biswas supervised the entire construction with Dr. Rudradeb Banerjee, Secretary let M.C. at the helm of affairs. A Delhi based trust donated handsome amount for the development of laboratories. Dr. Gour Mohan Das De contributed Rs. 1 lac that enabled us to build a library room. Now this has been decorated with a reading room with a purpose to let the students read books during their off periods. However the LAD of the honourable M.P. and M.L.A. enables us a lot to build six new rooms annexed to the main construction. At present we have total 21 class rooms and two staff rooms, a Headmaster?s chamber along with a separate office, a separate room for the Asst.Headmaster, aT.T. & Carrom room, a Language laboratory along with five laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Nutrition.